Novitain Manual Capper MC2

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Securely seal samples for short-term storage

Compatible with the Novitain Capcluster-50 and Novitain 50-well format rack

The Novitain Manual Capper MC2 can be used to seal 50 sample collection tubes at once. The MC2 operates as a stand-alone unit and is very user-friendly. To cap a rack of tubes, just place the Novitain Capcluster-50 on the racked sample collection tubes, place the Novitain rack in the capper, then push and pull the handle forward and back to evenly cap all 50 tubes at once. After capping the racked tubes, the capcluster’s retaining foil can be removed to leave each tube individually capped for short-term storage.

Product features

Ideal solution

The Novitain Manual Capper is the ideal solution for quickly sealing 50 sample collection tubes at once.


The Novitain Manual Capper is adjustable in height, so it does not need adapters to work properly.

Eliminates cross-contamination

The Novitain Manual Capper minimizes cross-contamination between samples.


Minimum force is required to operate the unit. The white handgrip keeps users safe during capping.

  • Rack compatibility Novitain 50-well format rack
  • Cycle time 2 seconds
  • Dimensions 20 x 26 x 29 cm / 7.7 x 10.2 x 11.4 in
  • Weight 12 kg / 26.5 lbs

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"NBS Scientific's customer service is excellent and the product came quickly."

"NBS Scientific provided excellent communication and timelines on shipment volumes, both of which are incredibly important factors when trying to plan and implement a testing strategy of this scale. Before we set up our initial purchasing agreement with NBS, I can't tell you how many hours I would spend week after week trying to order tubes, only to have them get backordered. Being able to work out a long-term plan that would answer all of our needs and then get timely communication from our sales rep and the entire NBS team has been great. NBS Scientific has been a great partner in this endeavor. I've been very pleased with all of our collaboration. I would highly recommend them as a distribution partner."

"NBS Scientific worked with us to establish what our needs were and how we could use the best system to accomplish those needs. We were trying to improve our sample storage efficiency and tracking. Overall, I liked the quality, fit and finish, and the simple software of the products we purchased most."

“We were hoping to replace our old existing equipment. The technical expertise at NBS Scientific was excellent. We went through several options that solved my needs and we narrowed down a suitable option that fit our price range and features.”

"Our representative, Molly, has been one of the best representatives I have worked with. She has proven herself to be knowledgeable and helpful if there are any questions regarding product selection and will respond to any inquiries whether it be quotes or questions in a timely manner. You will not be disappointed with the level of care and communication that NBS will offer."

“We needed a compact solution for uniform storage in the lab. The Micronic products we purchased were organized, the right size, and easy to use. Our sales rep helped us locate the options we needed.”

“We purchased mat caps and decappers from NBS to help with creating DNA libraries. They offered great customer service and a quick response time.”

ARUP Laboratories

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