Lambda8 Manual Laser Marker

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Laser engrave tubes with the Lambda8

A sure-fire way to guarantee absolute sample traceability

The AFYS3G Manual Laser Marker Lambda8 can mark tubes from 0.30ml to 15.00ml in size. Multiple adapters are available to accommodate the wide variety of tubes with which the Lamdba8 is compatible. Instead of using labels, stickers, or ink to mark tubes, the Lambda8 uses a laser to mark the surface of each tube with the shape or text needed for tracking. These markings resist chemicals, mechanical abrasion and temperatures between +100ºC and -196ºC, guaranteeing absolute sample traceability.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Lambda units are compatible with the Micronic hybrid tubes and other tube types containing a frosted or contrasting surface. Please contact us for more specific tube compatibility questions.
No. The laser markers run on electricity only.
No. The laser markers do not require consumables for operation.
The Lambda576 and Lambda8 laser markers can print text, barcodes, and images.
There is no limit. The size of text is adjustable, so the smaller you make the text, the more information you can fit on the tube.
Yes. NBS offers demos for potential customers. Please contact us if interested, and we will schedule a time that works for you.

Product features

High resolution markings

The Lambda8 uses a laser to engrave tubes with high resolution markings that cannot be separated from the tube surface or wear off.

Range of markings

The Lambda8 can engrave tubes with text, company logos, sample IDs, collection site information and much more.


The Lambda8 has a user-friendly software that lets you create, select and laser custom markings onto the area you specify.


Besides tubes, the Lambda8 can mark racks, covers, caps and other labware within the dimensions of 200 x 200 mm.

  • Tube compatibility 96-, 48-, and 24-format racks (0.30ml to 15.0ml)
  • Tube brand compatibility Brooks, Greiner, LVL, Micronic, Thermo, etc.
  • Temperature range +100ºC and -196ºC
  • Size 19.0" x 16.38" x 30.63"

Satisfied customers

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"NBS Scientific worked with us to establish what our needs were and how we could use the best system to accomplish those needs. We were trying to improve our sample storage efficiency and tracking. Overall, I liked the quality, fit and finish, and the simple software of the products we purchased most."


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