The Heliport rack thawing station with rack accessories by Box Scientific
Box Scientific

Expedite your thawing process

Box Scientific is an American company that manufactures sample thawing solutions targeted to the life sciences.  Their focus has been on procedural sample thawing as a means to maintain sample integrity, control process variability, and improve data quality in clinical applications.

Rack thawing stations

To thaw your frozen samples

The Station One rack thawing station with rack accessory by Box Scientific

Box Scientific manufactures rack thawing stations that let you quickly defrost samples so you won’t lose time conducting critical scientific research. With the use of ambient air, Box Scientific’s reliable rack thawing stations defrost your samples in less than 20 minutes, yielding highly reliable and reproducible results.

Protect and defrost your valuable samples today with a rack thawing station, ideal for various laboratory applications and compatible with different equipment sizes.

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